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As a family based business we are committed to providing service that makes you feel like you are receiving the best in personal attention.  We offer professional and friendly assistance to you for whatever service you need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don't just take our word for it-be sure to read through our customer testimonials. Thank you to those who have been kind enough to send us your experiences with our service. We are very grateful for the feedback!!

Ken Tan on our Facebook Page  July 11, 2014

Canada Tire Doctors yet again have delivered fantastic service in a  pinch for me. They're the reason I will never need to give another  dollar to a 'traditional tire shop'.

 They've provided me tire  repair twice before (one was a nail, another a 1cm metal chunk!) and got me back on the road without missing any more days of work last year.

 This year, Raider provided me fantastic, professional service along  with Brett mounting tires to my new wheels. Not only were the prices *better* than a brick-and-mortar store, Raider spotted damage on my TPMS sensors that could lead to a big headache later. (A tire store previously had  not only damaged those three but had outright broken another sensor  which I had replaced but was unaware the other three were similarly  damaged). This is the kind of care and attention only a family business  like Canada Tire Doctors provides -- I never felt like a number and it  makes the whole experience a far cry from sitting for 5 hours in tire  shop waiting area!

 Thanks Bob, Raider and Brett!

Jason Arnott on our Facebook Page  June 15, 2014

I would like to post some feedback about tire docs.
I picked up my  trailer on June 11 later in the evening as my family and I were leaving  next evening for a 3 hour drive to a family reunion. Get the trailer  home and notice the side walls completely cracked and almost  unusable,wonder how we got home safe and sound is beyond me! My wife and kids were upset as you can imagine as we were all looking forward to  this trip planned for a whole year. I looked online at tire shops to price stuff out but figured we were in for a 2 or 3 day wait. I saw the site for these guys and it said was a 24 hr emerg line.so I called it  and spoke to Bob he was on his way to bed but was very eager to help. He priced out the trailer tires and had them in stock and promised them to me next day @ 1130am. I was very suspect of this as I have been letdown before. Next day comes I hear some rustling outside and see the truck  there and Byron their tech was there already with 2 wheels off! All in  all the time he was there was maybe 30 minutes tops with everything  done! He was done by 1130!
This trip was saved by these guys! My family was over the moon as I was not sure if it was going to happen.
So after over 600 kms on the tires and no issues whatsoever a great time was had by all.
We just want to say thank you Bob, Byron and all of the team for coming together to save our trip! This is an example of GREAT SERVICE!!!
Thank you from the Arnotts

Spencer Hogg on our Facebook Page  May 18, 2014

Thanks again Bob & everyone at Canada Tire Doctors Mobile Tire Service for helping resolve my confusion and getting me booked in for the seasonal rubber change. I really appreciate it (as always!)

Rick Block - April 2nd, 2014 on our Facebook Page

 Thanks Again for tire change over and tire rotation this past week.  On time, friendly and saved me 2 days of dropping off vehicles and  arranging for rides...LOVE this service !! If you haven't used their  service, give it a try...well worth it!!

Wayne Chafe-Mugoy on our Facebook Page
Just wanted everyone to know that Canada Tire Doctors Mobile Tire Service  supplied and installed my new winter tires today, 11/15/2013.  Their pricing, and customer service was awesome, the technician that  done the installation surpassed awesomeness with his knowledge and  mannerism, what exceptional service I received.

The experience has left me excited for when spring arrives and go back to the Tire  Doctor to supply and install my summer tires. Thank you guys

Wayne Chafe-Mugoy
Nicole Prince on our Facebook Page
Amazing, wonderful, professional, friendly....felt like I had known you forever  when you showed up at my door!!! RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND!!!  Thank you Bob & Brett
Dawn Zimmer on our Facebook Page
Thanks to Byron and Bob for helping a student in distress. It was so easy to  communicate with you and have your help when we couldn't be there. Your  service exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Canada Tire  Doctors to anyone in need in Calgary!  Emily, Dawn & Dale
Ian Kendell on our Facebook Page - Got my skid steer tire fixed by Phil. Great service and great price. You guys will be recommended to everyone I know.
Stew Douglas on our Facebook Page - Amazing mobile service and great pricing even on a sunday evening when no one  else was available. Thanks for your help Phil and Bob...greatly  appreciated.
Jory Stephen DeRenzo on our Facebook Page - You guys have switched our tires over twice now and have given great  service.....polite, courteous and knowledgable guys. See you in the  fall.
Kirby Allen on our Facebook PageHad Phil out to do a change over and was great. Everything was smooth and easy and will be calling you guys in the fall.

Review from Susan - ShopinCalgary.com - Bob was very  helpful it finding new tires for my vehicle, I gave him the times I  would be available for them to come by and he was able to work with my  schedule.  Nick arrived early for the appointment, we actually followed him to the  house. He was very friendly and courteous. I had a malfunctioning tire  stem, he showed it to me and reassured me that it was an easy fix. He  completed the tire change under the watchful eyes of all the kids.  Thanks for coming out to my house!

Review from Lisa V. in Chestermere - Nick came this afternoon he was 5 minutes early and so fast it was  raining I got to sit in my garage while he did the tires from email  quote to service 3 days not bad I emailed them with what I was looking  for and got the call the next day I didn't have to do any more research  on what kind of tires I wanted they did all the work for me it was so  awesome all the shops I had looked at for the past week most places  wanted to keep the car all day and couldn't guarantee they could get it  done the same day nick was done in 45 minutes we've taken the car for a  drive already and it feels like when I first bought the car he was very  informative about everything I will be calling them again for all future tire needs and will be telling everyone about them if I could give you  more than a 5 star rating I would.

Review by Ryan from ShopInCalgary.com - Excellent  experience. Prices are the same as taking it to a regular tire shop BUT  you don't have to wait around bored out of your mind all day. Instead  you can sit in your home and do whatever it is you do at home. The  appointment I made was kept on time and the actual service was done  probably faster than a shop would do. I highly recommend going this  route as opposed to going to a shop. - Ryan

Good Afternoon Bryan (and company)

Well, first off I would like to comment on your manners as they were outstanding. I really appreciate your sincere care about our situation and how hard you worked to come to a solution. You made me feel like a close friend. I truly believe this efficiency and effectiveness is what will make you the leader of the innovative market.

Marisa Menard

Facebook Entry on the Canada Tire Doctors Facebook Page by Mr. Kim Hoar - Did an excellent job om my Ram 1500. This company is a teacher's dream,  they can change/ install your tires, in the school parking lot, while  you are teaching. Great concept.

Facebook Entry by Bob Steele - AMP Radio personality  - Thanks to Karen Lundy, who suggested I call the Canada Tire Doctors,  after we had a flat tire between the church ceremony and reception at  our friend's wedding on Saturday. These guys do a terrific job. They  made sure that we were taken care of. We found out the car we bought  recently had no spare tire!!As hard as it is to find a tire on a  Saturday afternoon, they did it--all at a very fair price. I highly  recommend "CANADA TIRE DOCTORS" Great guys! Thanks to Karen, and Bob,  and Bob's son!

Hi Bryan,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your prompt service today !!  My wife was impressed with your service, professionalism and promptness in getting the job done and doing exactly what we needed done...great job and I look forward to using your services in the future.
I would like to take your flyer to my office in Calgary and post it on our bulletin board, but thought it best to ask first.  I do have a couple of close work mates that I'm sure will gladly take your business cards from me, and I will make sure they get those tomorrow.
Thanks again and best of luck building your new business...from what my wife saw today, you should do great !!!
Rick B.
Referral from Chris Rempel on 411.ca - Excellent, fast service. They went the extra mile to help even though  my car was parked downtown in a parkade. Robert was polite and did an  awesome job. I highly recommend Tire Doctors to anyone who either has  an emergency repair needed or would prefer any tire work done at home  rather than making an appointment with a dealership.
Chris Rempel
Referral from David Honsberger on 411.ca - I see your service as unique. What a wonderful way to have your vehicle's tires changed, balanced or repaired without having to take it to a service outlet....say, while you're working in the yard, or shopping.
I know from my personal experience with Bryan, on the Deerfoot, that cost was certainly not an issue. When he came along, I wanted and needed help and cost was not a factor....please just help me and get me back on the road!

I will continue to recommend your service.

David Honsberger

From: Sean Parker
To: Tire Doctors
Subject: Thanks!
Sent: May 25, 2012 3:11 PM

Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you very much for the absolutely awesome experience.
Bryan was fast and professional. My new set of Pirellis were on the car in about 45 minutes, all done right in my driveway. And all for less than any store in town quoted me!

I'll definitely be calling back this fall when I need new winter tires. Thanks again and good luck with the new business!

Sean Parker

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