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Need a new set of custom wheels to fancy up your ride?  Look no further!  Tire Doctors can provide you custom wheels at competitive prices. And as it is with everything else we do, we deliver!  Our tire installation service utilizes custom “No Touch” tire equipment, so not only can we supply your custom wheels and tires, we have the technology and the experience to do your installation safely without concerns about damaging those high end rims!

Click on the links to visit the website(s) of your choice and browse through the various selections available for your vehicle. When you see a set of custom wheels you would like a quote on, make a note of the model information, and give us a call. We’ll do our magic and set up a quote for you.

2014 RTX Catalogue

RTX Wheels - The original classic line of RTX Wheels. With more than 50 models  available, the RTX line offers unsurpassed selection in the industry to  please any customer. Offered in the most common dimensions and  applications, these wheels models are truely timeless

RTX OE - Offering a vast selection of replica wheels for any kind of vehicle  (more than 20 manufacturers covered and close to 70 wheel models  available), this popular line offers great solutions for winter wheels,  OEM-like rims with a larger diameter for summer, or wheels to give a  base model car the luxurious aspect of a higher end model.

R-SPEC -This line was introduced in 2013 to offer something different for  sport and modified cars. Many models from this line are produced using  Flow Form technology, which allows for lighter and stronger alloy  wheels. The R-Spec line offers wheels at the forefront of technology,  wheels with larger overall widths, bright colors, staggered options and  sports cars applications.

Off Road - Engineered for truck applications, this line features all the wheels  for pickup trucks and SUVs. New models are introduced every year with  the favorite designs of truck owners, as well as classic models already  offered by RTX in the previous years.

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